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Barton Moody
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906 S. Denver St. (440 E.)
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My Tax Office

My new tax office

906 S. Denver St. (440 E.)
(This was Trolley Square worker’s quarters in 1907)

In 1997, I started my accounting life out on my own, doing film employee’s taxes—which, in retrospect, was diving in head first. Thousands of returns later, I pride myself on providing a cost appropriate service. I charge less than most, with guarantees on my work. I have a smaller clientele and I make sure to give everyone the attention that they need. I am dedicated to making your taxation as easy for you as it can be.

My experience working with the IRS on some of Utah’s largest audits (see Federal Grand Jury, below) has increased my knowledge greatly. I offer a more experienced preparation, a greater attention to your situation and a better price. I am bonded, insured and enrolled with the IRS.

The Peace Flag Project (2008)

What a fun and uniting experience this has been! The idea came to myself and Willy Littig at the end of last tax year, and we have been working very hard on it ever since.

buddha surrounded in clouds

You have probably seen the little flags in five colors on people’s houses? Well, we have made flags of a similar nature, only each flag is seven by nine feet. They are huge! And there are twenty of them (so far). We have given several flags to various organizations to write their aspirations for a better world on them. The idea, being, that the wind will carry these ideas around the earth, to the heavens, and to your neighbors; making us all a little better out of the intention. This tradition has been observed for thousands of years in Asia. They will, hopefully, soon be showing at the downtown Salt Lake City Library.

Peace Flag Project Card

The U.S. Grand Jury

I am happy to report that my 18 months as the Deputy Foreman on the United States Federal Grand Jury are, sigh, over. It was quite the experience; however, it has changed me for both the better and worse. I am far more skeptical than I thought I would ever become and I think that falls in BOTH the better and worse columns. I really did enjoy all the white collar crime, when was the last time you heard someone say that? I have interrogated both witness and IRS agents about some of the largest audits Utah has ever seen. After several stock fraud cases, pyramid schemes, laundering, ponzi schemes, larceny... I’ll stop, but it was a fascinating tutorial on crime. Albeit, there was also a lot of sadness, but I will leave it with kindness. The Department of Justice put some random 23 strangers in a room, together for 18 months and we left as better people and friends. This was one of the best experiences of my life.

Well, I look forward to talking to you in passing or in your taxation needs!

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